Welcome to Sointula

The 800 or so residents of Sointula (on Malcolm Island) are proud of their heritage – a socialist commune founded in 1901 by a group of far-sighted Finns. The name “Sointula” means “place of harmony” in the Finnish language.

Today the Island boasts a more diversified population, but still retains much of its founding philosophy and lifestyle. It is no cute, commercialized tourist trap. Instead, Sointula is genuine, from the commercial fishing boats in the harbour, to the oldest cooperative store in British Columbia, Canada, to the network of gravel roads that allow access to a natural wonderland.

Malcolm Island is not for those who need to be entertained by pre-programmed “activities.” Instead it is for those who wish to design their own adventures. For those who want to explore history or forest, for those who want to browse among local artists, and for those who just want to become reacquainted with themselves.